So true

Posted on - February 13, 2017


Was the title of the classic 1983 Single by Spandau Ballet from the album with the same name. It was number one in the UK and the band’s only major hit in the US. It was also a hit in 20 other countries.


Not bad.



But Truevue — a window film available from Durable — could be an even bigger hit.

When applied it provides a warmer feel than plain glass when looking out from inside and has less internal reflection at night.

It was a hit with this client:



This large property in Ealing benefitted from Durable installing Truevue onto a conservatory and kitchen roof.



A big job. The film was added to glazing when the existing blinds showed they could not reduce the heat coming into the rooms – only the light.



Also the wooden floors and expensive kitchen and furniture were beginning to show the signs of fading and bleaching typical of damage caused by the sun’s rays.



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