Cold as ice…

Posted on - December 5, 2016

The band Foreigner sang it 40 yrs ago. It’s still true today. Winter weather – it’s as cold as ice.

And we are willing to sacrifice our love of our cozy warm office to come out and survey your windows, and install some spanking new 3M Thinsulate climate control film.

Don’t sit there freezing, numb fingers fumbling over you PC keyboard or shivering by the nearest radiator drinking soup – get Durable in and we’ll sort you out with a quick and easy fix for winter blues.


You never take advice – you’ll pay the price…

…are some other words in the same song that kind of sum it up. Yes, you can boost the heating up and have the boiler room going ten-to-the-dozen. Or you can simply advise all colleagues that instead of taking their coats off when coming to work they actually put ON some more items of clothing. Thing is when people get cold their productivity drops – along with their spirit and goodwill. It can be miserable. So fix it before it gets any worse!



“Insulation improved by up to a 30%”

Get us to install 3M Thinsulate climate control film on your windows – even if they are already double-glazed – and you’ll notice the improvement straight away.
You’ll be so glad you did.

And if you really want to know what love is, just wait til you see the happy smiling faces in the office of people who no longer have to make jokes about Scott of the arctic, brass monkeys, etc but can go about their business in a shirt and tie or whatever (although we’re fairly sure Mark should not wear his bikini into work again…) “ instead of thermals, 3 cardigans, scarf and a hat.





Give us a call and keep warm in the workplace this winter.
[that’s us at Durable of course – not the band….]


Foreigner released “Cold as ice” in 1977. Their later titles “Blimey – its freezing in here”, “Who left that door open!” and the double A-sided “Sod this for a lark i’m going home/Chatter-teeth blues” never managed the same chart success.

Around about the same time Durable were already helping people at home and in the workplace with glass related problems. We’ve been around a long time (since 1969!!) . We’ve got a lot of experience. We may not have sold as many albums or have as much hair as Foreigner and may not be quite as good on the guitar. But then they would probably make a right mess of installing your window film, so…..

If you want some classic 70’s soft rock download Foreigner from iTunes but if you want to know anything about window film call us.