Die Hard – a lesson in safety & security glass

Posted on - December 22, 2016

Our favourite Christmas film.

It’s got everything.

Including a lot of broken glass!



Dead bodies get thrown through glass, John McClane shoots loads of it, The Baddies shoot even more of it, and then FBI Helicopters shoot even more.

It gets everywhere. John’s poor feet get ripped to ribbons.


He even swings into a window from outside – and it doesn’t break – so he shoots that as well!

This publicity photo released by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment shows Bruce Willis in a scene from the 1988 film, "Die Hard." The "Die Hard" 25th Anniversary Collection Blu-ray released on Jan. 25, 2013. (AP Photo/Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment)

This is all very festive of course [???] but it would all be so different with safety window film installed.

Scenes like this just wouldn’t happen.


Our range of safety, security, anti-shatter and blast protection window films give you the protection you, your workforce and family deserve.

Check out this eye-opening video from our friends at Solar Gard:


“looks like you shoulda gone to Durable John!”

This clip from the 1988 blockbuster shows yet another load of breaking glass.


We did call to see if they needed any assistance from us – but apparently most of the building got completely demolished by C4, and on top of this was fictional, so…

And remember:


Bruce Willis – Alan Rickman – Durable = proper Film Stars



Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us at Durable