Posted on - September 12, 2019

We all like to look good.

It’s natural to want to look your best.

Some people follow the latest trends – some opt for timeless classics – others are happy just to be comfortable.

On the school run there are the Yummy-mummies in their 4×4’s, looking like they’ve just walked off the pages of Vogue…

…And then there is Sharon (or more likely Kylie, or Chanice or Bethany or whatever) still wearing her pyjama bottoms & Ugg boots– sporting painted-on eyebrows and glued to her mobile.


First impressions count (ask anyone that ‘s seen Les Dennis’s ‘Mavis’  – rubbish, and a character that nobody knows anymore – I have no idea why Amanda Holden left him…).

When things start to look a bit shabby – they can look decidedly less chic.

Sassy & Boo

A typical Sassy & Boo frontage at night – no worries when the sun doesn’t shine…

That’s why Fashion retailer Sassy & Boo were so keen to protect their stock from the damaging affects of the sun.

Sassy & Boo have stores all over the country and had just opened up another branch of their successful business in the beautiful city of Bath – but realised the risk to the lovely clothing and accessories in their window displays.

The shop front was southwest facing and therefore had the highest levels of heat and UV for large periods of the day. 

Sassy & Boo’s troublesome windows at their new Bath store

Call in the professionals

Durable had previously come to their aid in their Woodstock branch – where the heat and UV through the roof glazing was affecting the merchandise – and making the shop uncomfortably hot in the summer for customers and staff alike.

We suggested the solution may be one of our lesser known window films – Sterling 60 – which reduces UV by an amazing 99% – whilst taking the sting out of the sun’s heat too – reducing it by around 40% .

Sassy & Boo – Woodstock. Now with no roof troubles thanks to Durable

And it achieves all of this without adversely affecting the penetration of natural daylight – allowing it to continue to flood into the shop and maintain the desired environmental ambience within.

Pretty impressive stuff.

Fix up, look sharp…

So if you want to look right –  ‘turn to the left’ (David Bowie).

If you want to get ahead – get a hat.

But if you want solar control for your windows – get Durable.

David tries out one of Lynn’s old outfits
Typically understated look from Ziggy Stardust period
Very early Bowie [late 60s]
After a short spell working for Durable – the rigours of window-film installation taking its toll
Bowie upset at the Durable xmas party as Rod once again wins the raffle (top prize a bottle of Blue Nun)

In the know…

Durable have been in the window film game for over 50 years.

We are the oldest window film company in Europe.

There is not much we don’t know about dealing with problems with glass.

Why not call us today and see how we can help.

We are an authority on glass issues, trusted by the likes of the MoD, English Heritage, National Trust and more.


Good with glass.

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