High Noon

Posted on - June 14, 2016

12 o’clock. Midday. The sun is at its highest.

It’s packing heat and it’s a showdown between you and your office windows…

Could be you’d rather face the vicious Miller Gang in a gun-fight than deal with the energy-sapping, over-bearing temperature and incessant glare from the summer sun directly through your windows?

Or maybe not.

Let Durable help marshall those unruley rays with window film. When the heat is on it’s better than Air-Con. Messing about with blinds could mean it’s curtains for you!

Don’t go for your gun – go for your mobile (or email to be honest – or through the web site’s good too…).

High Noon (1952) won 4 Oscars and saw a debut for actor Lee Van Cleef.

Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Lloyd Bridges, Lon Chaney, Katy Jurado and Lee Van Cleef.
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