Ice, Ice baby…

Posted on - December 1, 2016

It’s freezing out there at the moment!

1st of December and – WHAM – sub-zero cold and winter has properly arrived.

Its like being in the Arctic. It can be so cold its like being trapped under the ice underwater or something.


…and your windows could be making things even colder!

Your home or workplace have a lot of glass exposed to sub-zero temperatures and freezing winds. Even double-glazing struggles to stop the cold air from creeping through.

But with new 3M Thinsulate Window Film you can keep things warm and toastie. The HiTech film, professionally installed, can improve the insulation of your windows by up to a third.


“better by up to a THIRD?!”

Yep. But that’s not all. The film is just as good at keeping the hot air at bay during warmer months. So — it’s a win/win really.


Give us a call and keep warm in the workplace this winter.


“Ok guys, we’re going to draw straws to see who gets to wear the spare cardigan”


“Bugger. That was the last piece of furniture. We could throw another set of company accounts on the fire”

“I think we’re going to have to face it Pat – we need to get Durable in”



Rock Hudson, Patrick McGoohan,Ernest Borgnine and Jim Brown. Proper FilmStars.