It’s a Wonderful Life

Posted on - December 15, 2017

It’s true.

We wonder how Black Friday becomes Cyber Monday — then, bang! It’s Xmas…

We wonder why the John Lewis Xmas Advert is such a big deal.

We wonder how President Trump hasn’t been impeached yet.

We wonder if we left the gas on….


So much to wonder about.

But – if you’re wondering how to stop the freezing cold temperatures from seeping through your windows we just might be able to help.

Spraying some fake snow on the glass and hanging glittery bunting all around does make your living room look festive — but it doesn’t do a thing to keep you toastie in front of the telly.


On the other hand…

Those clever people at 3M have come up with new Thinsulate climate control window film — which is pretty wonderful.

Not only does it insulate and keep the cold out when the weather is wintry — but also helps to keep you cool when the temperatures start to rise again.

So you don’t need to be all wrapped up when you’re doing your wrapping.

This Christmas make sure you’re walking in a window film wonderland.


Durable — we’ve been good all year.

We ARE on the list….


“You do realise that those graphics are back to front, right? Told ya. Should have gone to Durable!”

“It’s this damnable cold through the glass!! We can’t work in these conditions!”

“Well I’m sorry Mr Lane but if you’d installed 3M Thinsulate these windows would not be a problem”


“Wow Mary – the ole place looks so much better now Durable have installed all that film!”


It’s a wonderful life

It’s a wonderful life first screened in 1946 and is an absolute Xmas Classic.

All emotional and uplifting, and there’s lots of snow, and Jimmy Stewart playing a blinder as the man thinking of killing himself.

How very Jolly.

Its ok though — his guardian angel gets involved and shows him why he shouldn’t do it. (basically stops him from watching The X Factor, and mentions ‘roast potatoes’ and ‘beer’ a lot…)

It doesn’t sound festive — but if you like those kinds of films that make you pretend you have got something in your eye — its great.


“George?! What’s that horrible coughing noise? Has Lynn been smoking those Cuban cigars again?”

“I can’t see. Since this privacy film’s been installed on these doors it’s hard to tell. I thought it was Don singing jingle-Bells…”


And if you just can’t see the point of xmas – here’s Stevie Wonder.


He can’t see anything.

Remember — our window film is for life — not just for Christmas.


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