Making light work

Posted on - May 21, 2018

You may have noticed – there is this big orange ball in the sky that can belt out light at this time of year.

Its a powerful source of energy – we like to call it ‘The Sun’.

In an attempt to emulate its amazing power to quite literally light up our lives, man has developed artificial ways to reproduce this light 24/7.

The invention of the electric light bulb was a real – well – light bulb moment …

BUT – what if you didn’t need to use the artificial reproduction – but could use the real thing?

Here’s another light bulb moment – 3M Daylight Redirecting Film.

Now those clever chaps (and chapesses) at 3M have come up with an amazing new window film that brings the sunlight directly into your workplace, office, school, hospital, or factory – lighting the environment naturally – minimising the need for electric lighting.

During the day that is.

Obviously it’s tricky to bring the sunlight in at night (we’re working on a ‘moonlight’ version but best not hold your breath…).

But that’s not the point.

Fact is you can save energy, money and headaches by simply installing this film on to your windows.

It effectively reflects or, more accurately,  redirects the suns natural daylight so that instead of it streaming onto the floor or into eyes and computer screens etc, it shines up, onto the ceiling. This can bring loads more light into your workplace – minimising the need for artificial lighting.

3M® Daylight redirecting film is easily integrated into new or existing windows, It requires no hardware or infrastructure, and little or no maintenance or special cleaning.

It can also help in areas such as staff rooms and kitchens, store rooms, even toilets — it can mean that the artificial lighting is not needed at all during daylight hours!

Here’s the science bit…

Using the power of the sun

Heliographs were used for decades to harness the suns light to communicate over distance.

The Turkish Army sending heliograph messages during WWI.

Doesn’t work quite so well in Rochdale in November though. Probably why mobile phones are more popular…

Sundials are common – and were the ‘clocks’ of their day. A contributing factor as to why Cinderella missed her midnight deadline? Perhaps …


Concept drawings for the new Apple iWatch.

You’ve got to admit they’re struggling a bit since Jobs has gone…

We’ve all had fun with a magnifying glass and some ants in the playground.

The redirecting of the sun has been used for millennia for everything from cooking eggs to, say, discovering the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant in order to gain complete Nazi world domination.

Durable installer getting to grips with the new product during a 3M training session.


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