Music to our ears…

Posted on - August 29, 2019

Who would have thought that a specialist product like Window Film would have so much impact on singers and song writers?

But a quick glance back through our Blog archives shows how important window film is a source of inspiration.

From Heat & Glare to Safety & Security, Privacy and beyond – musicians can’t get enough of our Window Film-based loveliness.

Here’s a recap and a sort of loose top 40 hit parade – with links to the songs where possible so you can compile your own Window Film playlist.

Go on – you know you want to…

Heat & Glare

Blinded by The Light : Bruce Springstein inspired by his own problems with glare. 

Always the Sun: The Stranglers struggling with glass based-issues 

Sunshine of my Life: Cream’s memorable ode to glare problems

Shine: Take That seemingly oblivious to the downside of the situation 

Hot in the City: Billy Idol reminds us of workplace heat issues 

The Heat is On: Sang Glen Frey in Beverley Hills Cop –  and there is no way to turn it down.

Some like it hot: The Power Station decide to side step the issue and just go with it.

Summertime Blues: Eddie Cochran suffers like the rest of us

Feeling Hot Hot Hot: arrow just had enough of this summer sun.

Not Fade Away: The Rolling Stones plea for protection against UV sun damage

Steamy Windows: Tina Turner has had enough of office-based unpleasantness. 

True: Spandau Ballet were very pleased with our TrueVue product

Sun is Shining: Bob Marley – basically stating the obvious

Here Comes The Sun: George Harrison on the impending discomfort

The Future is so Bright: Timbuk 3’s on the benefit of tinted film

Safety & Security

Shattered: The Rolling Stones again – this time dealing with the issue of spontaneous glass breakage.

Sledgehammer: Peter Gabriel tests our bomb-blast film 

Breaking Glass: Hazel O’Connor Having Safety issues 

I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass: Nick Lowe – just being devil’s advocate I guess. 

Girls on Film: Duran Duran’s saucy window film testing… 

Heart of Glass: Blondie’s tribute to Durable

Stuck on you: Lionel Ritchie used to work for 3M… (You’re once, twice , 3 times … )  

Elvis had a song of the same title – similar sentiments.

Up on the Roof: The Drifters – also concerned with Spontaneous glass breakage


A Whiter Shade Of Pale: Procol Harum’s classic – remembering getting their bathroom sorted with opaque film 

Mirror in the Bathroom: The Beat discover Durable’s range of mirrored window film 

Silver Machine: Durable’s installation team with another perfect privacy solution for Hawkwind

Look Through Any Window: The Hollies push privacy issues to the limit

Hi Ho Silver Lining: Jeff Beck loves our stuff!

Smoke gets in your eyes: Well it stops prying eyes anyway. The Platters discuss… 

The Man In the Mirror: Michael Jackson has his mirror window film installed on the inside so he can see himself in every window. 

The Reflex: Duran Duran try some of our mirror film too. 

True Colours: Cyndi Lauper likes our tinted and coloured films

Smoke on the Water: Deep Purple’s anthem inspired by a Durable privacy installation. 

Difficult 3rd album…

Maybe we’ll finally get round to recording our own Durable concept album we’ve always talked about… or that rock opera idea…

Or not.

Start small probably.

A Christmas single perhaps…?


Good with glass.