Protect yourself this winter

Posted on - December 27, 2017

It’s Christmas!

Tis the season to be jolly.

The family all gathering round an open fire.

Comedy Xmas jumpers.

Snow falling outside (you hope — unless you’re a Bookie…)

But there’s a reason for all that

– it can be properly cold !

AND the winter freeze seeping through your windows can really take the edge of that festive cheer.


Why not take steps to make sure that you and yours don’t rely on central heating (yeah — where does Santa gain access when you don’t have a chimney?) and excess brandy to keep warm this winter.

The perfect Xmas present — Window Film from Durable.

We don’t gift wrap it — that’d be daft (how would you see out?) but with 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film you not only get insulation and keep the cold out when the weather is wintry — but you can also benefit from cooler temperatures through the warmer months.

Santa struggling to gain access to homes at Christmas: He’s allegedly fat, right? You’d think it would be in the job spec to keep trim. For the same reasons Brian Blessed’s ballet career took a dive— anyway, it made us think of the classic film ‘Home Alone’.

Home Alone

Of course in that it’s the naughty men (they are NOTt on the list…) trying to break in to steal valuables rather than leave pressies.

I’m still trying to work out how Santa gets in without a chimney.

We found a fat bloke with a beard in our living room last xmas morning — I must remember to get my spare set of keys back from my dad.

Our house is closer to the pub than his…

Back to the film…

The McCallister’s fly off to Paris for the Holidays — but leave Kevin behind

We know where they’re coming from. If we ever get chance to leave Kevin behind it’s a no-brainer.

The great slapstick physical comedy (much like a Durable installation team at work) as Kevin finds ingenious ways to deter the burglars (played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) gets more and more extreme. They get blown up, set on fire and pretty badly injured at every turn.

The neighbour turns up just in the (old) nick of time and puts his xmas present from last year (a shovel) to good use.

Everyone is reunited and a happy ending with warm Christmassy family atmos rounds off a thoroughly good 103 minutes.

Home Alone was made in 1990. A cracking year for film enthusiasts.

The top 3 box office hits that year were: Ghost, Dances with Wolves and Pretty Woman.


“we can do whatever-we-like Marv! This Durable Privacy film means no one can see us at work!”

“This 3M film really keeps things warm!!”


“Merry Xmas from all us Kevin’s. Stay warm this winter with 3M climate control window film”

To avoid getting hurt with broken glass (like Harry and Marv) ask us about our range of Safety Films.

Or, if you’re worried about undesirables making off with your xmas stockings — contact us and see how our Security Film can help.

Remember — our window film is for life — not just for Christmas.


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