Posted on - January 22, 2024

Make sure your home or business has proper protection with Security Window film

The problem with glass windows and doors is not only do they give a potential thief a good view of exactly what they might be able to steal – but can also offer seemingly easy access.

Literally a ‘smash and grab’ situation.

Whether it’s opportunist thieves or serious burglars – if you have premises or property that are exposed to crime you need every bit of help to protect yourself.

Durable have a range of Security Window Film which can help with these issues, giving your business or home a solid defence against unwanted visitors.

In the event that someone does try to gain access to your property, breaking a glass door or window makes things all too easy.

Installing Security Window Film provides a simple and very effective counter-measure.

Anyone trying to break-in through glass protected by this film will find it almost impossible.

Watch the video here to see just how difficult it is to break through any glass that has Security Window Film applied.

It takes so much time and effort in most cases the perpetrators often just give up.

This added security gives you peace of mind and could reduce insurance premiums.

A simple solution to prevent opportunists: Opaque, mirrored, frosted, or tinted window film that obscures any valuables etc from public view.

If your building is overlooked – or your property is adjacent to a public right of way or footpath – Privacy Window Film can keep you safe from prying eyes.

No one likes the idea of living or working in a goldfish bowl. 

Privacy Window Film not only minimises what can be seen through your windows but can also add a stylish finish to your glass, include branding and decorative detail.

Find out more about glass security and be better protected.

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