Snow joke

Posted on - March 1, 2018

Signs that temperatures are a bit on the low side…

A late snap of cold weather and as usual Britain grinds to a complete standstill.

Which is good, as it means everyone has more time to take pictures of snow to post on social media. Everything from patio furniture with dandruff to roof-of-car-just-visible-through-snowdrift cascade onto the pages of Facebook and mobiles ‘ping’ with excitement as Instagram and Twitter users try to out-do each other with endless mutterings of whiteness and posts bordering on hysteria.

A whiter shade of pale

We wonder if the Swiss have this problem.

We’re assuming not.

Surely if this was the case they would be glued to their screens 24/7 365 days a year!


Norwegian wood

And how much work would our Scandinavian friends get through if they had to cancel appointments and shut their schools every time it snowed?

Ikea would never have achieved global domination of the flat pack furniture market if they’d baulked at bad weather.



Our German counterparts too would’ve struggled to maintain their status as an economic power in Europe if they down-tooled when the weather was a bit iffy…


Working with winter weather

So — how do you keep working through the blizzards and sub-zero temperatures — assuming you can still get to work!?

Roads may be blocked or it may have been the wrong type of snow for Southern Rail.

There could even have been a leaf on the line to make matters understandably much worse…

Easy steps to tackle winter-blues

  1. Wear layered clothing. A LOT of layers. Like — loads.
  2. Turn the heating way up and keep it on constantly.
  3. Protect your windows with Climate Control Window Film from Durable



Your windows present a massive problem when it comes to temperature control.

Even if your heating is off the dial — chances are you’re losing shed-loads of heat through the glass — even if you have double-glazing.

AND the winter loves those big areas of cold glass, permeating through constantly, with anyone sitting or working near a window or glazed area suffering additional discomfort and icy unpleasantness.

It’s no joke.

Yet — it’s easily and cost effectively fixed by the simple installation of hitech Thinsulate® Climate Control Window Film from 3M.

Thinsulate® is our latest ‘Film Star’, giving you all these benefits:

–  Turns your single pane windows into double pane; turns your double pane windows into triple pane
–  Increases the insulation performance of your windows by 40%
–  Helps retain warmth during the winter and cool air during the summer
–  Increases energy efficiency and savings all-year round
–  Virtually invisible-does not impact window aesthetics
–  Easier and more cost effective than replacing your windows with low-e windows



Insulate your windows at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Whether you’re cold in the conservatory — or hot in the office — 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film is the solution.

Call Durable today on 0118 989 5200 to find out more, or fill in the web form!


Just so we don’t feel left out, here are some of our snow pictures:



and there’s more…



But if you are one of those lucky (or unlucky if you like that sort of thing) people who have not had any snow — here is a do-it-yourself snow kit.…