Sun is shining

Posted on - May 21, 2019

“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet now…”

[Bob Marley]

Great—  if you can chill out by the pool or grab a cold beer or picnic in the park.

But if you’re stuck in your office — hot and uncomfortable — it’s maybe not so sweet.

We all long for the better weather and the summer sun — and with British weather the way it is who can blame us for going slightly mad whenever the sun shines?


No picnic

However — for those of us working in stuffy office environments, with huge windows and no escape from the oppressive heat and glare – it certainly is no picnic.

Modern offices struggle when the sun is high. The beautiful glazed environment designed to maximise the natural daylight becomes a steaming cauldron.

Older workplaces don’t fare much better either — they too can have issues with glare and heat through windows — often made worse by poor or non-existent aircon.


The sun streams through your windows making it hard to concentrate or see your computer screen. The result is headaches, higher risk of accidents and a noticeable drop on productivity.


Excess heat can also have an adverse affect — concentration drops, tempers fray, and feeling hot and sweaty is never pleasant.


Solar Control Window film is the answer

The simple and effective solution to heat and glare is the application of solar control window film.

Durable have been in the window film game for over 50 years. We are the oldest window film company in Europe. There is not much we don’t know about managing issues with glass.

Why not call us today?

We can come and give you a survey or a full glass audit which gives you a clear picture of exactly what you need to fix your problems.

We have a range of heat and glare window films, along with a whole host of other products to really get on top of your glass-related issues.

Daylight Redirecting Film

We also have the amazing new DRF (Daylight Redirecting Film) from 3M. This innovative product literally redirects the suns rays — so instead of shining down into your eyes and onto your screens — it shines up onto your ceiling — preventing glare and allowing the maximum natural daylight to penetrate deep into your office space.

It is not only a great way to manage glare but can reduce your energy costs — reducing the need for artificial lights during daytime.






Sunshine is a regular source of inspiration for songwriters.

Here are a few of our favourite sunshine-related tunes:

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Donovan :

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Always the sun



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