A Film for All Seasons: NEW Thinsulate™ from 3M™

Posted on - February 16, 2016

Brilliant new technology from 3M — 3M™ Thinsulate™ Climate Control 75 Window Film.

A virtually clear window film which cuts out over 50% of heat from the sun during the summer and reduces heat loss in the winter months dramatically.
It’s just like having triple glazing! (or double glazing if you have single glazed windows:) Perfect for the home and work place and all year round!
Our latest film star.

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–  Turns your single pane windows into double pane; turns your double pane windows into triple pane
–  Increases the insulation performance of your windows by 40%
–  Helps retain warmth during the winter and cool air during the summer
–  Increases energy efficiency and savings all-year round
–  Virtually invisible-does not impact window aesthetics
–  Easier and more cost effective than replacing your windows with low-e windows




Durable : 3M UK Authorised Window Film Dealer