What a Team!

Posted on - September 8, 2017

We’re Solar Gard’s Featured Partner!

The Durable team assembled for the news …

After winning the coveted ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ we have now been announced Solar Gard’s Featured Partner.

We have a long-standing relationship with Solar Gard and an unequalled commitment to window film. They wanted our unique team to tell our story — our way.

We first set up business almost 50 years ago, making us the oldest window film company in Europe. While Buzz Aldrin was landing on the moon and millions of American youth converging on a farm in Woodstock, NY, we were busy creating an organization to serve the rapidly growing demand for glass tinting. And almost 45 years ago, Durable and Solar Gard became partners, enjoying a successful relationship ever since.

“I started in 1982 with Durable on what was to be a yearlong stay. 35 years later I am still here, along with my fellow Directors Nick and Tony — who both have worked for Durable for well over 40 years — and many of our team’s veterans with decades of service to the window film marketplace. We must be doing something right!”

– Peter Barnes, Director, Durable

We have a great pedigree and an unrivaled heritage (not to mention 130 years of industry tenure between just Peter, Nick and Tony!). We continue to go from strength to strength, pairing our years of experience and knowledge with a focus on developing new products and markets.

(And if you’re still not convinced that 1969 was a good year for film, just remember these classics it brought us: “The Italian Job,” “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid,” Easy Rider,” “Kes,” True Grit” and “The Wild Bunch.”)

Peter and Nick visit Bolivia…


Don and Kevin on the way to a job…

Thanks to Solar Gard for sticking with us all these years.