Wuthering the Heights

Posted on - March 25, 2016

Health and Safety. It’s a right pain.

Red tape, additional work, and nonsense. Meetings are announced, questionnaires are requested, and Risk Assessments are rejected because we have – apparently – failed to specify a seemingly inconsequential item we would normally take for granted.

But – at Durable we are proud of the awards we have won and the effort we put into all aspects of Health and Safety including: training, monitoring, advice and enforcement (to name just a few).

Gone are the days when each perilous ‘accident-waiting-to-happen’ was an excuse for the lads to have some fun.
(these pics show how it used to be — and they lived to tell the tale)


Ladder1 ladder2

Now, we record and audit all issues of H&S from start through to completion to ensure we all carry on smiling when we come home…



Laurance Olivier, Merle Oberon & David Niven. Now they are proper Film Stars.



Durable – our window films are ALL stars !