A cut above

Posted on - April 5, 2017

You pop in for a demi-wave — and get a heatwave.

Want a perm — but get a tan.

Need to cut your hair — but can’t for the glare…

Barnstaple College has a lovely hair salon on campus – ideal for getting student-discount-rated barnet reworkings.


The budding Sorbies, Clarkes, Friedas and Sassoons had more than just unruly teenage mops to cope with.

The high vaulted ceiling and large windows made for a beautiful studio space – but made it almost impossible to work in, due to the persistent heat and glare every time the sun came out.

A “little off the top” was in danger of becoming ‘a lot’.

Cut to the stylish solution…

The Durable team were called in and swiftly proposed external solar film – correctly installed (during mid term break) it controlled the problem easily, making the space a practical and comfortable working environment for Customers and Staff at last.

And all at a snip, only costing a few bob or two*.

If you have a problem with heat and glare through your windows, call or email Durable today.

We’ll advise you on the best solution to your problem, along with the most economical cost and leave you to mullet over….

We can guarantee it’ll be a small price toupà© for the benefit.


Adding class to your glass.

* That’s in old money – call us for a more accurate estimate 😉