Residential Window Films

Making the glass in your home work better

Whether your issue is heat & glare or you need privacy, safety or security – Durable have the answer.

We have solutions for:


…and much more.


Safety window films make sure if the glass does break – it is contained and held – so no sharp shards or nasty surprises – to protect you and you your family.

Glazed areas are weak spots in any home. The risk of break-ins or acts of vandalism can be greatly reduced by the installation of Security window film from Durable.

Security window films make your glass stronger and more resistant to impact, and provide a strong deterrent to forced entry.


Whether for modesty or security, opaque or translucent – obscuring the view through certain glass windows, doors, partitions and your conservatory is easy with Privacy window film from Durable.

Privacy window film helps make your home less exposed to the potential for opportunist thieves and keeps your family and belongings hidden from unwanted prying eyes. If you have windows, which are overlooked by neighbours or public spaces, Privacy window film can help you feel more at ease at home.


Durable have been working with window film for over 50 years. We are experts. Getting the best product that is right for you is paramount – so we are happy to come to your home to discuss the issue, advise on the best solutions, and measure up to make sure the quote and the final installation are just right.

Durable – good with glass.