Can’t see the woods…

Posted on - April 23, 2019

In fact — I can’t see anything at all!

That’s because my beautiful new conservatory is almost entirely glass – and the sun is shining.

It was hard enough deciding to part with the huge amount of money my wife insisted was a good investment on a ‘garden room extension’ — but I did at least think I’d be able to watch the Masters in peace.

Unfortunately the combination of glaring sunshine (obliterating any chance I may have had of seeing Tiger Woods birdie a tricky par four), and the horrendous racket our elderly portable AirCon unit was kicking out – made anything even remotely resembling ‘relaxing’ out of the question.


I tried manfully to reposition the almost-new 50” smart TV screen to counter the glare — but the current trend of wall-mounting such devices conspired against such a simple remedy.

Undeterred I turned my attention to the frankly outrageously priced and ostentatious drapery in an attempt to prevent the glorious sunlight penetrating the room and ruining my viewing pleasure yet further.

Alas — although it did produce reasonable results — I could now make out a section of the screen to the right — just out of the rough and slicing diagonally across the fairway — there was still little to be seen of the tee, due to our wonderful glazed roof allowing a persistent stream of golden rays to pour through.

It had seemed like a brilliant idea of mine to go ‘full-monty’ and plump for having an all-glass roof — but now, however, I was reaping the unwanted rewards.

It was useless.

The only indication I had of the fact that Tiger was now on the green at the 13th was the commentator’s lilting voice telling me such.

The contrast between the brightly lit area to the top left and the now almost-but-not-quite-viewable tranche of LCD technology to the right was such that my eyes hurt.

Driving into the trees on the 15th may have caused Mr Woods a headache — but let me tell you, it was nothing compared to the pain I was experiencing just trying to watch him.

The beautiful 15th hole at Augusta – at least this is what it should look like. When you can see it….

Sod this for a game of soldiers.

Laptop out (in the living room — obviously – no point even trying in ‘glare-central’…).

Google to the rescue.

“How do I reduce glare in my conservatory?”

And — hey presto!

There it was.

The perfect and amazingly simple solution from top-notch specialists, Durable.

Apparently solar control window film was all I needed.

The stuff cuts out heat and glare from the sun by up to 80%.

Just the ticket to keep cool in the conservatory.

Virtually no upheaval or compromise with existing decor, relatively quick and cost effective. Installed by professional, knowledgeable and very friendly chaps who left the place cleaner than when they arrived.

It even cuts out harmful UV rays — so our Persian rug is protected to and there won’t be any damage to those bloody curtains either.

Durable are the experts when it comes to managing glass issues.

They are the oldest window film company in Europe and have been in business for over 50 years.

If you have problems with glass — or are just hot and bothered in the conservatory — why not call Durable today?


You’ll be glad you did.

I was.

Right — I’m off now — Bake Off’s on and it’s a lovely evening so I think I’ll watch it in the ‘garden room’.

How very civilised.


Good with glass