Solar Film

Heat & glare from the sun’s rays can be a problem all year round. Your working environment can be made unbearable – making screen visibility impaired and making employees hot and uncomfortable. Solar window film from Durable is a simple and effective solution.

Solar window film can cut out unwanted glare by up to 95%. Workplace accidents increase by 30% at 75°F . Solar window film prevents this. It is cost effective, simple to maintain, less obtrusive than traditional blinds, and still lets in most of the natural light.

Solar window film offers additional benefits, preventing fabrics & upholstery from fading and filtering of up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays. Can also maintain productivity levels which can drop by 40% at 75°F, compared to 68°F

Solar window film is available in a wide range of finishes, each offering a different level of appearance and performance.

Solar window film can also be installed with added safety and security features too.