Keeping up appearances

Posted on - February 28, 2019

Mrs Bouquet.



Off the telly…

Keeping up appearances was a 1990’s TV series for BBC featuring Mrs Bouquet — although her name was actually ‘Bucket’.

Her snobbish attitude and fear of being found to be working class was the premise for pretty much all of the much loved programmes jokes.

But when it is important to keep up appearances it’s best to do it right.

Take choosing the correct window film for instance…

This customer – who only occupies the ground floor – wanted to reduce the sun’s heat coming through the east, south and west-facing glazing, to protect staff working next to the windows from the relentless heat of the sun.

The problem was further compounded by intense glare — another issue causing discomfort, distress and generally making the working environment miserable.

Reducing the heat would also mean taking the burden off the air conditioning system — which was struggling to cope under the fierce temperature generated by direct sunlight.

Upstairs downstairs

The landlord required the film to maintain the appearance of the windows- so that it was not obvious that only these had been treated — and there was no visible clash with the windows above.

This meant that the glass could not be treated internally with a reflective film.

The heat absorbent low-reflective neutral glass finish films  – that were aesthetically ideal – do not work effectively when applied to modern double glazed low-e windows.

So – we treated the glass with the external version of the neutral finish films – which do work well and have a similar look.

This film is designed specifically for application to the outside of windows.

It also has a pretty impressive seven year warranty, along with a life expectancy of 8-13 years.

This film reduces the sun’s heat coming through the windows by 62%.

In addition it also reduces the sun’s glare by 73% – which means there is no need to keep blinds shut the whole time – opening up the office so it doesn’t feel so closed-in and maximises the available natural daylight.

Better protection

Some films provide even greater protection — in some cases up to 90% reduction in heat and glare, and can almost completely eliminate harmful UV radiation (which can damage soft furnishings, fabrics and floors).

Heat in the workplace is not only a discomfort — it can be dangerous too.

Studies have shown that accidents are 30% more likely to happen when temperatures soar (above 75 degrees).

Bouquet list

Why not make sure all of your glass is safe, legal, compliant and manageable by getting a Durable Glass Audit?

It’s like a health check for your windows, doors and glazing.

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There are strict rules on glass and glazing standards (like regulation 14 for example) and if you are responsible for any areas where members of the public, staff or visitors are at risk — you need to be sure your glass is safe.

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