Ecolux Window Films

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    Solar Gard Ecolux™ 70 Window Film

    The premium low-e window film that adapts to the weather for comfort and energy savings all year round.

    Environmentally friendly Ecolux window film helps you achieve energy and carbon savings, improving U-factor* performance by up to 41%**.

    By combining a low-e coating with solar control properties, we’ve developed an innovative window-insulating film technology that outperforms solar control films:

    Improved comfort
    Promotes more comfortable temperatures in every season, day and night.

    Smart savings
    A sustainable upgrade that increases year-round energy savings and reduces carbon usage.

    Natural day lighting
    Allows high visible light transmission with minimal heat, giving you clear views while preventing hot spots.

    UV protection
    Rejects 99% of UV radiation to reduce the risk of skin cancer and fading on furniture and flooring.

    U-factor improvement
    Starts working immediately after installation and improves your windows’ insulating properties by up to 41%.


    * U-factor is the rate at which a window, door, or skylight conducts non-solar heat flow. The lower the U-factor, the more energy-efficient the window, door, or skylight. ** 4mm Single pane clear glass

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