Tight fit

Posted on - January 30, 2018

Do you remember them in the 80’s?

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”?

Yeah – well it’s nothing to do with them.

But if something’s too tight a fit then things get stuck.

Lionel Ritchie and Elvis sang ‘Stuck on you’. Whilst Stealer’s Wheel were “stuck in the middle’.

That’s a lot of ‘sticking’.

And of course at Durable, sticking is kind of what we do.

It’s basically our core activity.

We are the masters of sticking stuff.

But as usual Kev has to take it one step further.

Not content with sticking the window film, sticking to the deadline, and sticking to the budget — he managed to get stuck himself.

A few pints and a bacon sandwich or two too many and you can see the result.

We’ve basically left him there until he loses the excess.

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