Ultra protection

Posted on - May 31, 2018

The word ‘ultra’ is usually associated with potentially good stuff.

Like — ‘Ultra-busy’ or ‘Ultra-rich’ even ‘Ultra-powerful’.

(we’ll skip Ultravox for now — sorry Midge…)

BUT the word Ultra followed by ‘violet’ can mean bad stuff too.

On the one hand ultraviolet light is essential for us humans to get our vitamin D (strengthening our bones etc — we’d get rickets if we don’t get enough).

On the other hand skin can burn, damage and become cancerous when exposed to UV light.

It’s not just skin.

Soft furnishings, fine fabrics, colours, artwork — all can be irreparably damaged by UV light.

Whenever the sun is shining you, your family, friends, colleagues and possessions need protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Durable can keep you Ultra-safe!

Our range of solar control window film can filter out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV, and reduce heat and glare by up to 80% too!

It’s simple, effective and relatively quick and cost-effective to install.

In other news ‘Ultraviolet’ was also a pretty terrible 2006 film starring Milla Jovovitch as a sort of future-vampirelike-superheroine. It’s a bit bonkers and doesn’t make any sense really — but she does have awesome hair, shoots guns and uses a sword, rides a BMW motorbike and is generally kick-ass. So, who needs a comprehensive plot?

The director didn’t seem to know what he was doing.

But, after 50 or so years we are the oldest window film company in Europe — so like to think we DO KNOW what we’re doing.

We may not have purple hair or be an ex-model (Don does occasionally do some work still but has had to cut out the catwalk stuff now due  to a bad back…) but when it comes to solar control or window film — we are definitely superheroes 🙂

Examples of good rays

The fun side of UV

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Window film has minimal impact to surrounding infrastructure and the work can be carried out with minimal downtime.

We can provide a full glass audit too — to make sure all your glass is safe, compliant and fit for purpose. 

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