At Home

Baking at home?

Cooking aside, if there’s a part of your home that has the best view ever, but you can’t stand to be in there on a sunny day, then the application of one of our specialist window films can sort the problem out. We understand that we all want to make the best of our investments, whether it be the extra you paid for the house with the view, the conservatory or the beloved sofa, we can help you protect and enjoy them all.

 Why consider specialist window films:

  • It wont spoil that all important view or the look of the windows.
  • It helps prevent sun damage and fading of your fabrics and furniture
  • It can help provide additional safety and security as well as privacy if you are overlooked by a curious neighbour
  • Window film can pay for itself within 2-5 years-and helps lower carbon emissions.
  • Reduces heat & glare by up to 80%!