A Brilliant reception

Posted on - November 29, 2020

We know it’s blowing our own trumpet – but our films and service are outstanding to be honest.

The reception we get after delivering top quality results time after time makes our job worthwhile.

[…And we’re pretty good at receptions ourselves as it happens…]

Good – but it’s not right

Take this main reception building of a busy government site.

It had been suffering the adverse effects of solar glare for a number of years – despite having had internal window film fitted some years ago. 

Clearly whoever installed the film was not up to the job!

Enter – Durable

We know our stuff.

We are the oldest window film company in Europe.

We have been is the business for over 50 years.

So – when you need a job done properly – call in the experts.

We met the Managing Agent for the site to discuss the project and the pros and cons of various approaches.

We introduced them to Solar Gard’s amazing new DX range of external window films.

High-tech, top-performing products – eventually DX 5 was chosen to give maximum glare protection.

This film reduces the glare by an incredible 91%! 

Solar Gard DX

Solar Gard® Sentinel™ DX exterior window films are dual reflective; combining a low reflectivity to the inside with a high visible light reflection to the outside. This technology creates privacy combined with an optical clear view to the outside, day and night. DX is available in four different shades to provide a choice in visual appearance. The DX film range blocks the solar heat and harmful UV radiation.

The reception now not only looks brilliant – but also protects against the brilliance of the sun.




And of course the staff are now very happy.

They have a comfortable and pleasant working environment and are not blinded by glaring sunlight for big chunks of the day anymore.

Once again – the project was delivered on time, and on budget.



Durable – Good with glass