A sensation on the slopes…

Posted on - June 21, 2018


Pretty useful things.

Especially when you’re shaving etc.

We liked the mirrors we had when we were kids. We looked better in those…

Whether it’s Lynn checking her make-up or Mark doing his hair, mirrors are definitely handy to have about.

And mirror finish is also very useful when it comes to solar control window film.

The inherent reflective properties along with HighTech materials make mirror film a great solution to heat and glare issues through your glass.

Take this commercial building in Bristol

It was experiencing very high daytime temperatures due to excessive heat from the sun.

Temperatures were reaching over 40 degrees in March.

Staff were not looking forward to the summer!

The heat was causing a large health and safety issue and making the working environment almost unbearable.

Durable to the rescue

We quickly identified a Silver 20 mirror film as the simple and effective answer.

The installation was very tricky due to the slope of the glass, along with the height of the building.

In fact the angle of the glass meant that the heat build-up was non-stop as it’s south facing too.

“It was like a giant hot house designed for torture!” commented the receptionist.

Durable delivered on time and within budget and the excessive heat issues have been completely resolved.

Yay our team!

Another winner from Durable.

Durable team taking the mirror-thing too far…

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