A warm reception…

Posted on - November 22, 2021

Business premises like to make a great first impression on visitors.

Modern buildings typically have large open reception areas which are highly glazed to create a welcoming, light and airy atmosphere.

But this pleasant idyll can have an unwanted side effect…

Too much sunlight can expose the receptionist, staff, and visitors to intense brightness, making it difficult to see and rendering computer screens etc almost useless.

If the reception has an atrium this can further exacerbate the whole situation an make the open spaces beneath [particularly if the décor and materials are light in colour] altogether too bright. The sunlight reflects off any polished surfaces and creates an uncomfortable and unpleasant environment.

Not what was intended at all!



For this project we installed an external Solargard Stainless Steel 15
solar control window film which reduced the brightness of the sun light by 85%.

It also reduces the suns heat in the warner months by 77%.

Pretty impressive stuff – and what’s more window film is a simple, unobtrusive and relatively cost effective solution – installation can be completed fairly quickly and with minimal disruption to the workplace.

Unlike blinds, solar control window film still allows decent levels of natural daylight to pass through – retaining a lighter, airier feel and maintaining that all-important ambience.

It allows the occupants to see out – avoiding that closed-in effect blinds can create.

More good news

Based upon other atrium projects, window film is four times cheaper than blind systems, with no maintenance or running costs over its impressive ten to twenty year life expectancy. 

Atria issues

Another common problem with atria is a condition called nickel sulphide inclusion.

This is when there are impurities within the glass during the manufacturing process that may go undetected.

This can cause the glass to shatter. And with many atria being included in public buildings and above busy thoroughfares any breakage has the potential to cause harm and injuries to people beneath.

This is known as ‘spontaneous glass breakage’.

Window film can be used to prevent the worst should the glass shatter – holding the broken material in place until it can be dealt with.

The best way to make sure the glass in your building is safe is by arranging a Durable Glass Audit.

We inspect all your glass, identify any risks, and provide you with a full report – suggesting the best ways to manage any issues found.

With the potential dangers being so high, this is the best way to make sure you are safe, compliant and legal.

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