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Posted on - June 14, 2018

… and keep cool in the conservatory too!

Enjoying the beautiful weather in your awesome conservatory or garden room is one of life’s little pleasures.

There’s nothing nicer than sitting reading, having supper or just relaxing in sumptuous luxury and letting that summer sun wash over you.

Of course – there can be too much of a good thing.

Seriously. I ate 5 Raspberry Mivi’s and a couple of 99’s last year and boy was I sick!

So – the strong summer sunlight streaming through your glass can become overpowering.

In fact it can make your lovely conservatory totally unbearable.


Durable have the answer.

Solar control window film.

It’s a simple, effective and reasonably priced solution which has minimal impact on your home and decor and can significantly reduce heat & glare by more than 80%, whilst almost completely eradicating unwanted and harmful UV rays.

For example:

This conservatory roof had been glazed with a Pilkington K glass.

It’s often found in modern conservatory roofs as it offers a good level of solar control.

Clear glass roofs let most of the sun’s heat and brightness through – but the neutral finish of K glass reduces glare 55% and heat by 53%.

However — this was not adequate to tackle the volume of heat coming through a roof sloping to face the sun most of the day.

On top of the conservatory air being hot — the problem was filtering through to the rest of the house.

It was uncomfortable to sit in the conservatory in direct sunlight.

Far from ideal.

Blinds were not appropriate (compromising the open environment provided by the glass roof) – but the heat and glare issue had to be addressed to make the conservatory more habitable.

So True…

We installed the Truevue 15 film, which reduced the brightness of the sunlight by a further 85%, and the heat of the sun by another 50%.

A cracking result and everybody ends up a winner!

Yay us!

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