Are you swooning in the heat?

Posted on - June 23, 2016

Summer temperatures can make office work a tall order. Particularly in buildings with many windows, south facing or high rise.

It’s a bit of a horror story…

No need to fear the height of summer – window film can resolve your problem.

Take a look at the facts:


That’s an amazing reduction and simple and cost effective to install.

You too can feel the benefit.

Speaking of ‘you too’ – U2 wrote a song about their experience with window film called ‘With, or Without You’. (Ever wondered why Bono is always wearing sunglasses – yeah – right? Did you know they are also tinted with the very same window film? We’re not saying WE installed that – but we’re not saying we DIDN’T either…. 😉

This is what the world looks like from Bono’s side of the specs.

They wrote another one called ‘Vertigo’ – which was also the title of a scary film by Alfred Hitchcock.

Made in 1958 it starred James Stewart as John ‘Scottie’ Ferguson, a policeman forced to retire due to the heat in his office becoming too unbearable – or something. Probably.

The film also featured Kim Novak, and Barbara Bel Geddes (who would become better known later for her role as Miss Ellie in the TV series ‘Dallas’ – where it os also very hot – so maybe the Durable boys should pop over on a sales trip…?).

James Stewart, Kim Novak — proper Film  Stars.