Are you swooning in the heat?

Posted on - June 23, 2016

Summer temperatures can make office work a tall order. Particularly in buildings with many windows, south facing or high rise.

It’s a bit of a horror story…

No need to fear the height of summer – window film can resolve your problem.

Take a look at the facts:


That’s an amazing reduction and simple and cost effective to install.

You too can feel the benefit.

Speaking of ‘you too’ – U2 wrote a song about their experience with window film called ‘With, or Without You’. (Ever wondered why Bono is always wearing sunglasses – yeah – right? Did you know they are also tinted with the very same window film? We’re not saying WE installed that – but we’re not saying we DIDN’T either…. 😉


This is what the world looks like from Bono’s side of the specs.

They wrote another one called ‘Vertigo’ – which was also the title of a scary film by Alfred Hitchcock.

Made in 1958 it starred James Stewart as John ‘Scottie’ Ferguson, a policeman forced to retire due to the heat in his office becoming too unbearable – or something. Probably.

The film also featured Kim Novak, and Barbara Bel Geddes (who would become better known later for her role as Miss Ellie in the TV series ‘Dallas’ – where it os also very hot – so maybe the Durable boys should pop over on a sales trip…?).

“Maybe I should have gotten Durable to install this window film after all…”

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“I’m sorry Madeleine, but its so hot in here your face has welded on to my back”


“I’m so glad we had the car windows tinted. We’re cooler, it’s more private and the Chevy looks totally badass!”


James Stewart, Kim Novak — proper Film  Stars.