Avoid those prying eyes…

Posted on - April 4, 2018

Residential privacy

Oxford Resident Yana Xue and her husband purchased a lovely ground floor flat last summer in the Old Oxford brewery.

Almost perfect – except the premises were over-looked by neighbours and visitors parking their cars or just casual passers-by.

No one likes living in a goldfish bowl – but keeping natural daylight and nice big windows was also important.

Durable provided the simple and effective solution — True Vue 30 window film.

It maintains maximum possible daylight, whilst giving an exterior that is both stylish and ensures that their privacy is protected, with the mirror-like reflective qualities of the film preventing prying eyes and unwanted attention.

If you have rooms that are on the ground floor with a public right of way outside your window — your valuables on display can make it all too tempting for an opportunist thief. There could be issues of confidentiality — paper work or PC screens in full view.

Or – like Yana’s — your house may be uncomfortably close to a neighbour’s — making for unwanted (albeit sometimes amusing) and unexpected exchanges.

It’s not that you don’t like them — you’d just prefer to not have to see them before breakfast, semi-naked eating a croissant wearing pink mules and a Stetson…

Privacy window film from Durable can solve all these issues with one quick and easy installation. Translucent, opaque, mirrored or smoked finishes provide a great balance between letting most of the available sunlight through whilst maintaining varying degrees of privacy.

It’s a similar story for vehicles. Same issues of security and privacy — with an added bonus of putting a touch of class and elegant style to your car. Check out our sister company specialising in vehicle films www.autotint.co.uk.

Privacy films can be used inside too. If your workplace has glazed internal partitions or office spaces a clever use of a semi-opaque film can provide a little privacy and help with issues of manifestation (basically it makes the glass more obvious so you don’t walk into a door or something…).

Durable have a whole range of specialist Privacy films – which also provide added security – deterring potential opportunist thieves. We can even apply film which strengthens the glass so that any really determined ne-er do wells who might decide to try to break in find it’s not so easy!

Unprotected glazing can leave you exposed to break-ins, unscrupulous or opportunist thieves, unwanted prying eyes and a host of potential problems that you could just do without…

Whilst we don’t want to be scaremongers and worry you unduly — windows, doors and other glazed areas are weak spots in any building. Business or at home.

Protect yourself now –  0118 989 5200 or email us mail@durable.co.uk

Talking about people spying…

Carry On Spying was the 9th movie to hit our screens in the classic British bawdy film series, and featured:

Kenneth Williams
Barbara Windsor
Bernard Cribbins
Charles Hawtrey
Eric Barker
Dilys Laye
Jim Dale

All proper film stars 🙂

The usual saucy fayre as you’d expect – if only they’d known that privacy film from Durable could have saved them all that bother…!

Durable — good with glass 

We are the oldest window film company in Europe — so, we like to think we know a thing or two about managing any issues you have with your glass.

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