Bird droppings…

Posted on - March 10, 2021

Ever had your pasty stolen by a seagull?

It’s really annoying – but you’ve got to admire the skill and intelligence.

As it turns out though, they are not all that bright.

The covid lockdown has had an impact on birds as well as humans – and has resulted in birds causing tens of thousands of pounds of damage to glazing.

Bird is the word

For years the large gulls and crows that populate our cities and towns have been feasting on the food we throw away. 

It’s been a bit of an easy ride for them. A sort of all-you-can-eat buffet of left-over burgers, discarded sandwiches, and wheelie-bin takeaway meals. 

However, during lockdown, with so few people travelling to work or eating in open spaces – this food source has practically disappeared.

The birds have reverted to traditional feeding methods – although it seems they may be a little out of touch. 

Instead of picking up a nuts and shells and dropping them from a great height to crack them open, they are picking up large stones – mistaking them for food. 

Durable have looked at a number of projects where the stones are being dropped onto roof glass and atria – causing serious damage or breaking the glass completely.

Believe us – a large stone falling from thirteen floors up [as in one such case] is no laughing matter.

Durable to the rescue

This is a very real risk – so to try to prevent harm to anyone working or living under such glass we looked into installing safety window film – basically to hold the glass together, so it would prevent injuries to people below if a pane collapsed and fell from height.

Surprising results

However, our recent tests to simulate the stones falling from significant height showed amazing results.

The film stopped the glass breaking. 

And not by a little bit. 

Almost completely.

It made a truly significant difference to the level of damage sustained. 

See a clip of the test video below:

Or to see the full test video email us here.

This level of protection from the simple installation of quality window film is frankly gob-smacking.

For more information and to see our testing videos please contact us

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