Can’t stand the heat

Posted on - August 15, 2017

Eddie Cochran famously lamented that there “Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues”…

…But was he right? Is there a cure?

We think so.

Window film.

Simple. Effective. Economical.

The perfect solution to solar heat and glare issues in your workplace.

Hot in the office

When you’re way too hot and uncomfortable at work, it’s obvious productivity will suffer. You can’t think straight and can hardly see your PC screen for the glare. Concentration goes down — Accidents and mistakes go up.

Not a recipe for success or improving your output or turnover.


Life’s a beach

Yes — you can turn up to the office carrying a paddling pool under your arm in a bikini, kiss-me-quick hat and flip flops. But that may be taking dress-down Fridays a bit far.

And if you’re operating heavy machinery or performing delicate tasks – beachwear could be an added risk rather than a solution.

Most of us just fry and long for the day to be over.

But — as we’ve said – there is another way.

Installing window film radically reduces heat and glare from your office, factory, warehouse etc by up to 80% and practically eliminates UV rays entirely.

Yet it’s a relatively quick and easy solution — with minimal downtime for installation, and amazing end results. Practically no maintenance required and (unlike air conditioning) no running costs.

It’s a miracle!

Kind of.

C’mon everybody

So — if you’re melting in the office or too hot in the factory — or even need to keep cool in your conservatory — call Durable today!

We are the oldest window film company in Europe and have been at the forefront of solar heat and glare management for 50 years.

Somethin’ else

Durable can also help with a wide range of other glass-related issues, like safety, security, privacy — they can even give your building a full glass audit which helps you to identify any potential risks and how to solve them.

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