Changing Rooms

Posted on - January 24, 2018

No. Not the naff interior make-over TV show.

Actual ‘changing rooms’

Rooms to get changed in…

Quite apart from having the added benefit of obscuring our installers questionable yoga technique – privacy film was installed to these office changing rooms to allow for the roller blinds to be removed — allowing more light in, whilst maintaining occupants modesty.

Our Don getting it on, managing the pane, and keeping fit. Sort of.

Blinds leading the blind

Unlike blinds, which only allow less than 10% of natural light to pass through – our frosted film inhibits the vision, but still allows 70% of the natural light to pass through.

Yoga can be a pane

The bottom panes were not left out — but until Don had limbered up fully , done a few cat-cows, a couple of down dogs, a warrior pose and a final vinyasa to ensure he was a maximum flexibility to complete the work.

Truly elegant work.

Poetry in motion.

We’re hoping to have a video available soon and he’s now thinking of taking classes.

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