Colour blind

Posted on - June 12, 2019

Well — sort of colour ‘blinds’ anyway.

Using window film to hide an unwanted view.

When this school came to us with a problem of windows overlooking an unsightly outside storage area (you know, bins, bike sheds, brick walls and general junk) — they wanted something more creative than a straight-forward cover up job.

They wanted to hide this unfortunate area from parents and pupils alike.

Yeah — they could’ve used some quality opaque or white film that would hide all the unpleasantness from view.

But where’s the fun in that?

And this is an educational establishment.

A place of learning.

Which should be fun.


Colourful experience

So we suggested a range of Frosted Crystal films, arranged in fairly random different colours — which we think really did the job!

The end result looks great.

A smart and effective solution, completed on time and on budget — of course J



This time of year we are busy helping people with the adverse affects of heat and glare from summer sun through windows.

But — we can help with a whole range of issues from safety & security to privacy and beyond.

We have a great range of patterned films for inside your building too…

Transform your glass — with 3M Fasara Decorative Glass Film

From classic privacy and manifestation applications – through to amazing and attractive decorative finishes – 3M Fasara can transform any workplace.

Patterns, graphic designs, graduations, hatchings, vignettes – even combinations of these working together – the end result is simply stunning.

3M Fasara Decorative Glass Film is a range of high quality films made of durable polyester with a decorative matte surface, perfect for privacy and decorative applications on glass and windows.

Its application is quick, simple and direct, and does not require removal or transfer of the existing glass for pre-fitting preparation.

Ideal for elegant screening of conference rooms, waiting rooms, glass partitions. In addition to a striking visual effect, 3M Fasara ensure the safety of glass, holding the fragments in case of accidental breakage and reduces up to 99% UV radiation. They are available in more than 50 different designs, with different light transmission and reflection.

Pattern Combinations

Some patterns may be combined together, providing even more creative possibilities. The only limit is your imagination. Call us for more information and ideas on how Fasara can transform your glass!

All that elegance style and safety — and it doesn’t cost a packet either

If you’d like to know more about 3M® Fasara Decorative film or find out how Durable can help you with any of your privacy, safety, security or solar control issues, call us or email us today.

We are the experts

Durable are the oldest window film company in Europe, and are the experts on all glazing issues. Anything you need to know about your glass — ask us.

Window film is relatively quick to install, has minimal impact to surrounding infrastructure and the work can be carried out with minimal downtime.

We can provide a full glass audit too — to make sure all your glass is safe, compliant and fit for purpose. 

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