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Posted on - October 4, 2021

Did you know…

American actor Audie Murphy was one of the most decorated  combat soldiers of World War II? He received every military combat award for valour available from the U.S. Army.

Actress Hedy Lamarr not only developed a torpedo guidance system and helped Howard Hughes improving aerodynamics for aircraft, but also developed the technology that would eventually lead to Bluetooth and WiFi?

Dracula star sir Christopher Lee not only served in the Long Range Desert Group [LRDG] and officiated a troop of Gurkhas during the war but is also reported to have been active for the SAS.

Harrison Ford [Star Wars, Blade Runner, Indiana Jones], prior to his big break, got bored of the rubbish acting roles he was being given so retrained as a carpenter.

Wolverine [Hugh Jackman] used to be a school PE teacher.

Gerard Butler was a Lawyer before his acting career took off.

Whoopi Goldberg worked in a morgue.

And possibly our favourite, Christopher Walken, was once a lion tamer! No lie. He really was. Go on – you love him even more now don’t you?

Proper Film Stars

If you are looking for complete film stars – look no further than Durable.

Of course, we are talking window film – not the silver screen variety.

[although some of our films are silver…].

Durable have been in the business for over 50 years. We are the oldest window film company in Europe. We know our films.

We have a film star for every occasion.

Here is a glimpse of all the things window film can help with:

Solar Control, Heat & Glare, Health & Safety, Manifestation, Blast Protection, Security, Privacy, Energy Control, Aesthetics — the list is a long one.

Durable’s Glass Audit may be the best way to discover what window film you need. 

You may not even know you need it – so we’ve put together a handy checklist.

[Download the PDF here] 

We’ve also compiled an extensive list of glass issues — so you’ve got all the information you need at your fingertips!

Glass — how we can help

Use this illustration and the key below, to identify glass issues [click on the image to enlarge] 


Health & Safety

1: Collision with glass

Wherever glass exists there is the potential of human collision and injury. Many buildings do not meet the requirements of Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety & Wellfare) 1992 Regulations and Duty of Care Regulations — increasing the risk of prosecution. Manifestation graphics are a flexible way to make glass apparent. A full Glass Audit from Durable provides a absolute record of installed glass and film to establish compliance.

2: Broken glass

Anyone falling against glass that shatters is exposed to the potential of a serious accident. Safety film strengthens glass and reduces the risk of fragmentation on impact.

3: Internal Glass doors and partitions

These also fall within the requirements of the workplace regulations. Safety Window Film upgrades internal glass to meet BS6206 and comply with safety standards. Again, graphics make glass more apparent.

4: Claims culture

If someone is involved in a glass-related incident on your premises a personal accident claim could follow. Our safety films and audit service protect you in these instances.

5: High risk areas

Children and glass do not mix. A full Glass Audit is imperative for schools, leisure centres, and public places.

6: Spontaneous glass breakage

Due to faults in the manufacturing process (nickel sulphide inclusion), toughened glass can spontaneously shatter. The shear weight of toughened glass makes this particularly dangerous in overhead glass such as atria. Window Film correctly installed protects against this.

7: Food Hygiene

The Food Hygiene Regulations require that any area of food preparation in a factory, restaurant or kitchen must not be liable to contamination from broken glass. Safety film is the simplest and most cost effective solution.

Blast Protection

8: Terrorist attack

Explosive devices are often indiscriminately planted to create the most damage to people and property. Blast protection window film is essential for all retail areas, shopping malls, city centres, stadia, theatres — in fact where ever there is a crowd of people.

9: Accidental explosions

Tens of thousands of explosions happen every year involving chemicals, containers, gas pipes, etc. In the event of an explosion 90% of injuries can be caused by flying glass. All industrial centres, plants, factories and warehouses at risk should install blast protection window film.

Watch the incredible difference blast protection window film can make


10: Break-ins

In nearly half of all forced entries access is gained through glass. Security window film dramatically increases the strength of glass to deter intrusion.

11: Buildings under threat

In certain locations buildings are exposed to vandalism and this often means there is a security threat as well. Window film provides an effective and visual protection.

12: Privacy

In many situations a clear view into a room is not desirable and is a temptation to the opportunist thief. Privacy window films come in a range of tints, smokes or mirrored finishes to obscure visibility.

13: Electro-magnetic interference [EMI]

Radio waves can cause interference on computer screens. Ordinary glass offers little resistance. Metallised coated window films reduce the effects of radio waves.

Solar Control

14: Glare

The sun’s rays through glass generate glare and reflections which affect the working environment and reduce productivity. Anti-glare window film filters out up to 76% of glare.

15: Heat gain

Workplaces and homes can be heat traps made worse by the sun. Window film can filter out 50-76% of transmitted heat.

16: Reduced productivity

Research shows that productivity drops by 40% when temperatures reach 75 degrees. Solar control films reduce heat and glare for a cooler more productive environment.

17: Accidents

Research shows that accidents are 30% more likely to happen when temperatures soar (above 75 degrees).

18: Sun shielding

In many critical south-facing locations excessive heat gain is experienced. Window film can address this making the area more comfortable.

19: Window blinds

In certain situations there is a need to provide an effective shield form the sun, yet allow visibility. As well as our extensive rang of films we can also provide blinds for a complete solution.

20: Conservatories

Because of their large expanses of glass, conservatories suffer from many glass issue — particularly heat and glare. Window film not only cuts this by up to 76% but also filters out up to 99% of harmful UV rays — a major cause of damage and fading of fabrics and furnishings.

21: Allergies

Many people suffer from an allergy to the sun which can, in the case of Lupus, be an acute problem. With UV rays virtually eradicated with the correct film installed — durable can help here too.

22: Fabric deterioration

Sunlight not only causes fabric to fade — it degrades it. Valuable furnishings can suffer as a result. Window film prevents this.

23: Fading

Expensive fabrics, curtains, carpets and works of art can be badly damaged by direct and intense or constant exposure to the sun. Durable has been engage by organizations like English Heritage and The National Trust to protect items of value.

Energy Control

24: Energy costs

Many companies do not think about the cost of air-conditioning and other cooling systems. Solar control film can reduce reliance on air-con, reduce energy needs, and can pay for itself within 5 years.

25: Energy loss

Heat is lost through glass as the material has a very high u-value. An application of film can help retain heat in the winter whilst reducing heat and glare in the summer.


26: Graphics

Every window is a marketing opportunity! Graphic applications of window film are a flexible way to add signage and marketing messages to windows and doors.

27: Blinds for Aesthetic purposes

Window blinds can be used to enhance the look and ambience of a workplace or retail outlet. Our blinds come in a wide range of styles, colours and designs.

28:External image

From the outside, office interiors and work-spaces can look cluttered and untidy. The backs of filing cabinets items left on sills, etc can be clearly and visible. Window film can provide a more professional and desirable look — hiding the mess whilst allowing in maximum daylight.

29: Graphics on Blinds

Blinds need not be plain or bland. They can be constructed in many colourways and with graphics applied for a more ‘on brand’ or stylish look.

30: Vehicles

Regardless of the type or style of vehicle, the application of tinted window film greatly enhances the look, privacy and security .


We’re trusted by the likes of English Heritage, the MoD, and the National Trust. 

Whether a huge commercial installation or just sorting out your conservatory – Durable are the experts.

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If your building has a lot of glass [retail outlet, showroom, school, hospital, offices, etc] you may need a glazing audit to establish how safe your glass is. Find out more here.


Good with glass

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