Done & dusted

Posted on - September 9, 2020

Fine weather – time to make the most of your garden.

And in these save-the-planet eco-friendly times why not turn some of your garden over to producing home-grown fresh veg? Beautiful.

Many people on the other hand – whilst doing their own ‘bit’ in other ways [recycling – probably – or buying organic from the local farmers market…] prefer to use their garden as a tranquil haven with an atmosphere and views to make them feel at one with nature.

Living life on the veg

A recent customer encountered the effects of when these two ideals collide.

A new neighbour had moved in next-door and decided to create a vegetable patch at the bottom of their garden.

The thought of juicy tomatoes and fresh runner beans, and the Tom & Barbara / Good Life images obviously on their minds – they were not contemplating the impact this would have on their new neighbours.

An awkward patch

The new vegetable patch at the bottom of the garden – whilst lovely for the owners – presented an unwanted and unattractive addition to the peaceful spot that our clients had previously enjoyed. 

The view from the lounge through the bi-fold doors and the outlook whilst relaxing on their decking forever changed. 

We have a great record or solving glass-related problems

Frustrated, the home-owners called us in.

Good call – Durable have been in the business for over 50 years and are the oldest window film company in Europe.

We know a thing or two about dealing with glass issues.

The vinyl countdown

We decided that the application of an external dusted vinyl (etched film) would be the best solution – maintaining the natural light, but giving them the privacy they needed.

It’s attractive whilst fairly unobtrusive, hides the unsightly elements from view and is relatively quick, easy and economical to install.

Privacy Film

Privacy film is very versatile and has many uses – it’s not just there to hide things or look pretty!

Durable have a whole range of specialist Privacy films – which also provide added security – deterring potential opportunist thieves. We can even apply film which strengthens the glass so that any really determined ne-er do wells who might decide to try to break in find it’s not so easy!

Unprotected glazing can leave you exposed to break-ins, unscrupulous or opportunist thieves, unwanted prying eyes and a host of potential problems that you could just do without…

Whilst we don’t want to be scaremongers and worry you unduly — windows, doors and other glazed areas are weak spots in any building. business or at home.

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The Good Life

The Good Life was a 1975 TV sitcom starring Richard Briers, Felicity Kendall, Penelope Keith and Paul Eddington. It ran for 3 years and was hugely successful.

The story of business exec quitting his job in the city to become self sufficient in the suburbs was a funny premise then – but in today’s world they may be seen as eco warriors 45 years ahead of their time – probably first in line to superglue themselves to a train or something with Extinction Rebellion.

Assuming they’d consumed enough parsnip wine first …