Effects of summer sun in an educational environment

Posted on - June 23, 2017

Glaringly obvious: The overlooked cause of some bad grades that may be staring you in the face…

When it comes to controlling heat and glare through your windows, solar control window film really is the most complete solution. 

No Question.

Lessons in efficiency


It’s not just ‘sticky plastic film’! Window film’s hi-tech composition make it an unrivalled tool in the battle against the extreme discomfort that can affect classrooms at this time of year. It cuts out up to 80% of heat and glare from the sun, and up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Scientifically developed and manufactured to the highest specifications – and installed by experienced professionals – it’s simple concept and appearance betrays its complexity and amazing technical properties.


When the sun’s shining students struggle to concentrate, can’t see their PC screens or the whiteboard, and their productivity drops dramatically. The intense summer sun – amplified by glass – can increase the risk of accidents and injury too. Students and staff alike can feel drained and light-headed. It’s not an ideal teaching or studying environment. Getting things under control can be a right old song-and-dance.

Act now – call Durable!


For centuries the crowned heads of Europe have relied on Durable for their solar control.

Well, not exactly… But – Durable have been at the forefront of solar control for nearly 50 years. They have a long history of delivering top class solutions – simple, effective, economical and long-lasting. They are the oldest window film company in Europe.

When it comes to problems with glazed areas – we really are the people to talk to.

Double maths

Really. Did anyone actually look forward to double maths? Even the teachers?
If Peter has 9 windows, and 5 of them do not have window film, and Nick has window film and drives to work, but Don has 3 apples and no film – what is the capital of Azerbaijan?



Where ever you are – when the sun shines through you windows it can cause problems.  Schools across the UK — literally from Lands End to John O’Groats — have benefitted from Durable’s breadth of knowledge and professional advice. They have the experience to ensure the very best solution. Not only preventing adverse heat and glare – but they are equally adept at addressing issues of safety and security.


Outdoor sports are great this time of year. But any amount of indoor activity (including running in the corridors…) with the sunshine streaming through the windows and interior temperatures reaching uncomfortable and potentially dangerous levels are no fun. It’s just not cricket. If your glass is not safe and legally compliant – any resultant accidents can knock you for six. Why not get Durable to do a full glazing audit? They can check that your windows and doors are up to the required specification. You’ll have peace of mind and ensure you’re not on a sticky wicket

Regulation 14 states that any transparent window, surface, wall or partition should be protected against breakage and be made apparent (basically made so you can see it..)

All areas of glass really ought to be surveyed to make sure they are safe and fit-for-purpose. Durable offer a comprehensive glass audit. This can highlight issues, which may go un-noticed and could be vital.

For instance — you may have had window film fitted in the past.

BUT — how long ago? Is it still effective and legally compliant?

Maybe only some of the glass in your building was treated — what about the rest? Maybe there have been breakages or refurbishments and the new glass is not covered?

When it comes to the safety and security of your glass — window film is in a class of its own.


What’s the cost? Compared to the alternatives – air-conditioning, blinds, fans, etc – window film is not only a more complete solution but more cost effective. Other ways to keep cool in the classroom can be expensive to install and run, and often do not address the issues of glare at all. For the most economic answer to the glaring issues that have you hot under the collar – window film from durable is priceless.

What we did during the holidays…

Installing window film is less intrusive than the alternatives – meaning less disruption. Rooms being treated are out of action for the minimum amount of time – and we can often arrange to carry out installations during school breaks or holidays.

Contact Durable today to keep cool in the classroom. 

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