Eternal sunshine

Posted on - September 1, 2021

Well – maybe not ‘eternal’ – but pretty persistent anyway.

This time of year there is still a lot of sunshine most days – and as we approach the end of the summer, although it may not be quite as hot – it can be just as much of a problem.


The main problem is glare.

Your home or office has lots of lovely windows designed to let all that natural daylight in – but when the sun is out it can become a nightmare.

In summer the sun might rise high enough to stop causing a problem, but the low angle in autumn can make glare an issue all day. 

It’s not as hot – but could be directly through your windows into your line of vision. It can make reading anything on a computer screen a nightmare, and watching TV impossible.

No home comforts

We all like relaxing in the conservatory or garden room, reading the Sunday papers in the sunshine, or watching TV over breakfast. Enjoying as much of the lovely weather as we can.

But reading the paper is hard work with the sun glaring down on you. You can hardly see the cricket on the TV from the sun’s glare bouncing off the screen. Don’t even think about trying to use your laptop — squint as much as you like — sunlight streaming through your windows makes it impossible.

It’s an unpleasant fact that at the very time of year you are inclined to use your conservatory most – glare from the sun renders the room virtually unusable.

The glare at this time of year can be unpleasant, unbearable and unwanted.

And heat can still be a problem too. 

The glass in your windows creates a ‘greenhouse’ effect – trapping in the heat and raining the temperature inside.

Too much glare in your workplace?

The sun shining directly into your workplace – renders computer screens hard to see and makes life uncomfortable for your colleagues and employees.

Glare from the sun – it’s no fun.

Sure — you can pull the blinds (if you have them), but its not a great fix, and ideally you’d like the sunlight to shine in — just not at the expense of the working environment.

It’s not good for your customers and clients either! Imagine how you’d feel pitching up for a meeting and being instantly blinded.

The receptionist can’t help you because not only is her computer screen nothing but a haze of reflected sunshine — but she is also having problems seeing anything, having had the sun’s rays directly in her face all day.




It’s all very well having these swanky offices with all their ‘walls of glass’ and all that — but it’s often not very practical as a working environment.

Modern offices and developments tend to be mostly glass. Which is great for both internal and external style, and of course allows loads of natural daylight into the working environment.

The sun belting through windows and glazed areas can cause massive problems.

Quite apart from the obvious discomfort – glare in the eyes, on PC, mobile and TV screens, etc – the associated heat can raise tempers as well as temperatures, and is proven to adversely affect productivity, and increase the risk of injuries.




Older buildings – often now used as commercial offices too – were never designed to cope with the rigours of modern living and historically had no means of managing the problems connected with strong sun light through windows.

Don’t worry – call Durable!

Durable have a range of simple and effective solar control films which can cut unwanted glare through your windows by up to 95%. 

It’s simple to maintain, less obtrusive than traditional blinds, and still lets in most of the natural light. Anti-glare window film also offers additional benefits, preventing fabrics & upholstery from fading and filtering of up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

This was a whacky film directed by crazy-but-brilliant Frenchman Michel Gondry, and featuring a cast that includes Jim CarreyKate WinsletKirsten DunstMark RuffaloElijah Wood.

The story centres around a couple who have their memories erased in order to make a fresh start. A bit extreme – but perhaps a technique Mark sometimes uses to avoid his round at the bar.




Anyway – call Durable today.

We’re sure you’ll be eternally grateful that you did.


Good with glass.