Friends in high places

Posted on - July 1, 2019

Like me, at some point in the past you’ve probably struggled to reach that last item on the top shelf — something just too high to reach.

Which is no problem in your kitchen or wherever. Grab a chair or steps and voilà¡.

But when the things you need are really high, you may need a little more help.

High standards

Our client’s warehouses use large forklift trucks to lift their valuable products onto very tall multiple level racking.

However – the brightness of the sun coming through the top-level windows was impairing the drivers’ view to safely place the items on the highest shelves.

High hopes

What was needed was a high-performance anti-glare film to reduce the sun’s brightness, whilst still retaining a view out through the glass, and blending in visually with the external appearance of the building.

High stakes

The extensive racking prevented the upper level of glazing from being accessed from inside the building – so the glass needed to be treated externally.

High quality

We installed a non-reflective black external grade film – reducing the brightness through the glass by an incredible 90% – giving the forklift operators greater vision and shading them from the worst of the sun’s blinding glare.

High command

Obstructions below the glass outside prevented the glazing being accessed from a mobile tower – and scaffolding would make the work too expensive.


A boom mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) was the answer.

The main contractor on site not only provided the MEWP (and one of their trained staff to drive it), they also pre-cleared the path and access for the MEWP – ensuring everything was set up and ready to go before we got there.

And – whilst we can provide MEWP’s – this was a great example of team-work and co-operation working well.


High praise

Oh, and the client really likes the film.

Which is always a bonus.


Job done.

High Chaparral

Was a 1970’s western series starring Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchelland Mark Slade.

Nothing amazing about this — but we did tend to watch it every week.

‘Course in those days there was only 3 channels — and they all closed down for the night — and no internet (or even videos!!) so, you know — what ya gonna do….?

There was a sort of rash of these western/cowboy series for some reason during the 60’s & 70’s: High Chaparral, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Maverick.

They had some great #filmstars appearing in them too.

High Chaparral (named after the plants of the same name growing around the ranch) had guest stars such as Barbara Hershey, Jack Lord, Kurt Russell, Ricardo Montalban and Chief Dan George (who also appeared in the film The Outlaw Josey Wales with Clint Eastwood and stole the show). 

Maverick starred James Garner in the lead role (later played in the film remake by Mel Gibson) and Roger Moore.

Bonanza had Lorne Greene and Michael Landon (who was in everything including the Little House On The Prairie) and Dan Blocker as the inimitable ‘Hoss’ as the Cartwright family.

Gunsmoke was a long running classic.

It started as a radio show and had William Conrad (later famous as fat man TV detective Frank Cannon) as Matt Dillon.

The later TV version starred James Arness in the lead role, featured Dennis Weaver – and for several seasons a young Burt Reynolds. It held the record for longest running TV show (later bested by The Simpsons!) and had guest appearances by the likes of Bette Davis, William Shatner, John Voight, Dennis Hopper, Lee Van Cleef, David Soul, Charles Bronson, Angie Dickinson, Richard Dreyfuss, John Barrymore, slim Pickens, Leslie Nielsen and many other household names.

They do now have a sort of nostalgic charm.

My advice though is do not try to watch them again.

They are terrible.

Just stick to your lovely rose-tinted memories…

…whilst we stick film to glass.


Good with glass