Get a health check…

Posted on - October 29, 2018

We all know that we should get a health check every now and then.

Particularly if we’re feeling a bit out-of-sorts or notice any problems.

Well — it’s exactly the same with window film…

The health of your window film is very important.

To be effective and fit for purpose it needs to be performing as intended.

High Performing products

All of our film is top-quality, high-tech material — and, professionally installed, should provide excellent benefits for years.

Most films from Durable have a 12 year warranty and a 15+ year working life , however this is for the internally applied films the new external films have a 7 year warranty and a 10 year working life  as they have to work harder against UV attack and the elements etc.

Pre 2014 the films would have had a 5 year warranty and a seven year life and should be checked.

Older – and wiser?

As things get older they do tend to wear out.

I’ve only had these shoes 5 minutes and they’re already falling apart.

And have you seen Peter getting out of his car or Tony walk up some steps …?

Brexit promises are not even two years old and they’re already broken…

Lessons learnt 

Over the past 15 years many schools have had safety window film applied to the external face of glass.

Maybe the glass was not accessible from the inside or the double glazed window risk is from the outside [playground/ walk way] — and this, as we mentioned, does have a shorter working life than its internal stable mate.

Extremes of failure

This school had their windows treated with an external safety film in 2008.

You can clearly see the degradation of the film.

It’s very apparent.

It’s hard to see through for sure – but more importantly it will not be offering the same safety impact protection it once did.

This doesn’t just apply to schools of course.

Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Council and Public Buildings, Offices, Warehouses, Factories — anywhere there is glass that has been treated with window film may need checking.

Get a check up

Durable are the experts in window film.

We’ve been working with glass for over 50 years.

We are the oldest window film company in Europe.

Our advice

External safety film fitted before 2010 should be checked to see if there is a visible degradation.

Films on the South and West elevations of buildings are most vulnerable and therefore should be checked sooner.

If in doubt please call Durable for a free evaluation.

We can offer a complete Glass Audit — to check the health of all your glass windows, doors and partitions.

This gives you a full report providing you with all the information you need to make sure you are safe, compliant and legal.

Healthy sense of humour

One of Britain’s best-loved film franchises, the ‘Carry On’s, loved the comedy potential for health, hospitals, and treatment.

Carry On Doctor, Carry On Nurse, Carry On Matron, Carry On Again Doctor (there was a ‘Carry On Teacher’ too btw so the school link is there as well).

Some of the most iconic scenes have come from these and arguably it was these first few ‘Hospital’ based films that shot the whole franchise to fame.

However — there’s nothing funny about having unsafe glass — particularly when you have a duty of care to the public, employees and especially children.

Make sure your glass is safe.

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