Glass breaking unexpectedly – a real risk

Posted on - December 18, 2023

Toughened glass can spontaneously shatter (‘spontaneous glass breakage’). The shear weight of toughened glass makes this particularly dangerous in overhead glass such as atria or ballustrading.

And it usually happens without any warning.

Often a glass breakage like this is misdiagnosed, it’s assumed that something has struck the glass to cause the failure. But it’s very likely to be a result of Spontaneous Glass Breakage. The pane shatters due to errors within the glass.

Sudden and unexpected failure of glazing is a dangerous and unseen issue that can have disastrous consequences.

Glass can suddenly and catastrophically fail – presenting a very real risk of harm to anyone below.

Toughened glass does not break into sharp shards – but the weight of large glazed panes falling from a height onto people can cause injury and in extreme cases can be deadly.

The cause can be something called Nickel Sulphide Inclusion – where impurities within the glass, present during the manufacturing process, create stress points. These are almost impossible to identify without professional equipment and more common than you might think.

If your building has glass that you think might be at risk you have a duty of care to make sure it is safe, legal and compliant.

If you’ve already had a spontaneous glass break – then you should get the rest of your glazing checked.

We advise a Glazing Audit from Durable. We survey all your glass and submit a full report detailing exactly where the problems are and how to address them.

Safety Window Film is often the simple, efficient, and effective solution.

In the event of pane failing the safety film holds all the glass in place – safe and secure – until it can be replaced. 

The performance of these high-tech safety films is incredible. – and once applied professionally to your glass give you complete peace of mind.

Don’t take the risk – get a Durable Glazing Audit and be sure all your glass is safe.

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