Glass safety in education

Posted on - February 19, 2024

If you are responsible for buildings where pupils, students, colleagues, and members of the public could come into contact with glass – you need to make sure it is safe, legal and compliant.

Don’t take chances with glass safety in your building.

Some potential dangers are obvious – but many issues with glass are not so apparent.

The inherent risks attached to the use of glass in public buildings means there are strict health & safety rules in place to minimise the danger.

Durable are experts in glass safety and offer a full glazing audit. It’s a complete survey – comprehensively listing all areas for concern, suggesting the best ways to address any issues found – and providing you with a glass safety certificate which proves you are legally compliant.

Obvious risks are things like the wrong glass in areas where people can easily come into contact with it, and which could cause serious harm.

[Regulation 14, for example, insists that internal glass like partitions etc, should be made ‘apparent’]

Other potential problems where the risk and injury are not so evident are things like spontaneous glass breakage.

Spontaneous Glass Breakage can occur in toughened glass when an impurity enters during the manufacturing process — it’s known as nickel sulphide inclusion.

This dangerous health & safety issue can affect glass ceilings, atria, balustrading, etc. The glass unexpectedly fails – causing it to fall from high on to anyone below – sometimes with catastrophic results.

Nickel sulphide inclusion can be hard to detect – so without expert analysis you may not know you have a problem until it’s too late. Another reason to get a Glazing Audit from Durable.

The good news is all these issues can be simply rectified by Durable applying the appropriate safety window film to the problem glass. It’s cost-effective and provides priceless peace-of-mind. 

Make sure all of your glass is safe — get a Durable glass survey. 

Our full Glazing Audit ensures you, your colleagues and your students are protected.

Don’t take the risk – call Durable today!

Durable have full safety accreditation for window film installation and management

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