Goldfish bowl

Posted on - May 9, 2023

No one likes living or working in a goldfish bowl.

Not even goldfish.


Of course, if you are fond of I’m a Celebrity, TOWIE, or an Instagram influencer you may argue – but for most of us, we like a little bit of privacy.

In general, we prefer not to be over-looked by all and sundry.

So – when you have windows at ground level – facing public areas – the big problem is all the unwanted attention.

It’s distracting for you, and them. 

They can’t help gawping at whatever is going on right in front of their eyes. 

And you, your staff and customers can feel exposed and inappropriately in the limelight.

Like some kind of novelty reality show.

But – the windows are a beautiful feature of your premises and let all that lovely natural daylight flood through – giving the place a nice airy feel – and providing pleasant environment for work.

What to do?


Privacy window film

Durable have a whole range of privacy window film for all situations.

Translucent, Mirrored, opaque, patterned, frosted – all adding a layer of privacy whilst maintaining high levels of natural light.

They look stylish too.

Find out more here.

Case study

Take this client for example…

They required a film that would stop the general public walking by and seeing in – it needed to protect customer privacy – but needed to maintain maximum daylight to penetrate to retain the right ambience. 

We installed Solargard Clearfrost window film to many of the small pane windows. 



This was highly labour intensive – but worked extremely well.

Happy Customer – with happy customers – and we were very happy with it too!

If you are over-looked or want to increase privacy – or maybe you want to obscure valuables or sensitive material from prying eyes – if you need added security and safety – window film solutions from Durable are he simple and effective answer.

Call Durable today on 0118 989 5201 or email us at and find out how we can help you.


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