Great with curves…

Posted on - March 14, 2016

So Your Roof Is Plastic It Curves And You Bake When The Sun Shines

Well Durable have a solution that ticks all the boxes

Normal solar films that are designed to be applied to glass cannot be used
on plastic roves as the film and its adhesive react with the roof material.
Until recently the only product you could use had a fairly matt finish and to
tackle the heat of the sun you really want a highly reflective finish.

Think black and a white car in the sun. If you touch the black car you may burn
your hand as the dark colour absorbs the heat (it would be hot to sit in the car as well)
where as the white car is cool to touch (and sit in) as the white finish reflects the heat.

As you will see from the photos our film has a highly reflective mirror finish,
the best for reduce solar heat gain.

As we applied the film on one of the hottest days of the year the contact on site
said the area below temperatures just dropped.

This film also comes with a 5 year warranty which is nearly double that of the nearest
competitor and has a far higher solar heat gain reduction performance.

So if you have a plastic roof and are baking we have the solution for you.