Having a ‘bad mask’ day?

Posted on - August 18, 2020

Got to the shop and realised you’ve forgotten yours?

Contemplating pretending you are exempt due to one of the 35 eligible conditions – even though you are perfectly fine – but just really fancied a bottle of Rioja on your way home?

Is yours misting up your glasses? Maybe it’s too tight and making you sweat and itch?

Think you have it tough?

What if you’d accidentally put on a cursed African mask and were transformed into a green lunatic?

OK, probably unlikely.

But there are times when a little bit of obfuscation is a good thing.

We have all experienced situations where you don’t want to be overlooked, where you’d like a little privacy, to stay away from prying eyes, unwanted attention, or nosey neighbours. So – why not use our film to mask the problem?

If you have rooms that are on the ground floor with a public right of way outside your window — your valuables on display can make it all too tempting for an opportunist thief. There could be issues of confidentiality — paper work or PC screens in full view.

Or your house may be uncomfortably close to a neighbour’s — making for unwanted (albeit sometimes amusing) and unexpected exchanges. It’s not that you don’t like them — you’d just prefer to not have to see them before breakfast, semi-naked eating a croissant wearing pink mules and a Stetson…

Privacy, security and jaw-dropping looks!

Privacy window film from Durable can solve all these issues with one quick and easy installation. Translucent, opaque, mirrored or smoked finishes provide a great balance between letting most of the available sunlight through whilst maintaining varying degrees of privacy.

It’s a similar story for vehicles. Same issues of security and privacy — with an added bonus of putting a touch of class and elegant style to your car. Check out our sister company specialising in vehicle films [and DIY film, tools and support] www.tintsandtools.com.

Privacy films can be used inside too. If your workplace has glazed internal partitions or office spaces a clever use of a semi-opaque film can provide a little privacy and help with issues of manifestation (basically it makes the glass more obvious so you don’t walk into a door or something…).

A clever Durable privacy job.

Putting other window film suppliers in the shade — Durable.

Jim Carrey — Durable — TintsAndTools – Proper Film Stars !