Heaven sent

Posted on - June 24, 2019

We have a gift. It’s true.

Sometimes we even amaze ourselves.

We can do miraculous things – with window film.

Not actual for-real miracles (Peter manages to turn wine into water- sort of, and Nick can do amazing things with loaves & fishes) but it’s when it comes to sorting out problems with people’s windows that we really shine.


Here are a couple of recent ‘miracles’ courtesy of Durable…


Blinds – and now they can see!

Take this company in Slough (a good spot for miracles we’ve always thought…).

For many years their building had suffered from terrific heat and glare through the large glazed frontage, which they had previously tried to combat with venetian blinds.

We like venetian blinds — they can be quite effective dealing with glare and look very stylish.

But in a large area like this one – having to be raised up and down constantly — completely obscuring the view when fully deployed — cluttering up the place when not in use…

And they hardly addressed the heat issue at all.

Most importantly weren’t really fixing the problem.


Durable to the rescue

We installed a very dark external smoke film [5%vlt] on the top two panes where the glare was at its worst, and an external Stainless Steel 25 film for the lowest pane.

The building now has a much more modern look from the outside, and inside the
reception is far less cluttered (with the blinds removed).

The reception team is happy – the glare and the heat are no more – and on top of that they now have a view – something they were denied with the old venetian blind solution.



Sick of it

Being ill is bad enough — having to stay in hospital is unpleasant — and it gets a whole lot worse if you are lying in bed with constant heat and glare for the sun belting down on you.

The rooms get over-heated and so do patients, staff and visitors alike.

It can be miserable. When you are probably feeling miserable enough already.

This West Country Hospital was experiencing solar gain and glare on the top two floors – causing a multitude of issues.



We installed one of the most effective and cost effective films – Silver 20 — which reduced the heat gain by an amazing 60% and glare by over 72%.

After the film was installed we walked through the wards and operating theatre corridor to do a final check – everyone seemed very pleased and the hospital really did feel so much cooler.



Hot as hell

This time of year the weather (when it decides to try being ‘summer’) can turn large windows and glazed areas into a nightmare of heat and glare and discomfort.

It can make the working environment less productive and less safe.



Glare can make monitors and TV screens impossible to see.


Why suffer?

Window film is the simple, cost-effective solution.

Durable are the oldest window film company in Europe.

We have been in the window film business for over 50 years.

We are the experts.

We are good with glass.

Whatever your problem we can help.

Safety, security, privacy, frosted, tinted, smoked, mirror, opaque or patterned — Durable have solutions for all types of glass issues.

We can even provide a full glass audit — identifying any problems areas and suggesting solutions to make sure you are comfortable, safe, compliant and legal.

Why not call us today?

You’ll be glad you did.