Here comes the sun…

Posted on - March 6, 2018

Amazing isn’t it?

Just 5 minutes ago we were freezing and snowed-in — now it’s spring and I’ve got my shorts on

(Mark’s not had much more than his pants on throughout tbh — but you get used to that in an open-plan office. Takes all sorts…)

George Harrison and the Beatles had a song of the same title.

Listen to it now — it’ll brighten your day up even more.

And who doesn’t love the sun?

Well –  Vin Diesel obviously.

He’s not a fan.

Well, the man himself is — but his character, Riddick, in the film series of the same name, although able to see in total darkness – is extremely sensitive to light.

Which proves a big problem on the planet featured in the film.

It has 3 suns so is in perpetual daylight!

All we can say is, it’s lucky no one’s built any offices there yet!

(Obviously that’s jinxed that. We’ve given some crazy developer an idea now…)

Modern offices and developments tend to be mostly glass. Which is great for both internal and external style, and of course allows loads of natural daylight into the working environment.

BUT — there is a downside.


The sun belting through windows and glazed areas can cause massive problems.

Quite apart from the obvious discomfort – glare in the eyes, on PC, mobile and TV screens, etc – the associated heat can raise tempers as well as temperatures, and is proven to adversely affect productivity, and increase the risk of injuries.

Good news!

There is a simple and cost effective solution.

Solar control window film from durable.

It’s hitech composition allows it to reduce heat and glare by up to 90%, whilst cutting out harmful UV rays too.

Fast & Furious

Window film is relatively quick to install, has minimal impact to surrounding infrastructure and the work can be carried out with minimal downtime.

Durable are the oldest window film company in Europe, and are the experts on all glazing issues. Anything you need to know about your glass — ask us.

We can provide a full glass audit too — to make sure all your glass is safe, compliant and fit for purpose. 

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