Home office blues

Posted on - June 4, 2021

If the last year of pandemic weirdness had one experience we all shared, it was everyone spending so much more time confined at home.

For some it was great – mostly.

Obviously, the horrendous effects of the virus itself – and the devastation for families involved – was terrible. Hopefully we are coming out the other side of this now.


Whatever your personal experience – the constant lockdowns and strange isolation will be a permanent reminder.

Kids not having to go to school was fun [for them – not so much for the parents] until they started to miss friends and struggle to concentrate on learning.

Furlough was tough for some – but kind of enforced time off for others.

And while we couldn’t make the most of it by jetting off abroad, the daily commute and usual workday grind were not missed.

Many of us had to work from home [and many still do].

This often exposed how inadequate our home office space was.

[It certainly highlighted my need for better broadband….]

Mostly a home office is a temporary space for ‘extra’ or out-of-hours bits & bobs, etc – not intended for a full days work – everyday.

And apart from the sometimes cluttered and badly laid out or cramped space – it can also be made more uncomfortable by heat & glare through your windows.

Bristol fashion

Take this residential job in Bristol.

We were called in by Gaby. He has a home with fantastic south-facing views across the city to the rear of the property.


But although south-facing windows get a lot of sunlight – this is not always a good thing.

There were major draw backs – the home-office spaces became impossible to work in – even on a winters’ day – due to the amount of solar gain and glare passing through.

As the work-spaces were on the first and second floors we suggested our True Vue 30 window film. As this film is installed internally it avoided the need and cost of accessing the windows from outside.

This was the best compromise for reducing heat and glare, whilst maintaining good light levels and uninterrupted views. This film also reduces 99% of the UV light – therefore protecting the furniture and furnishings in the dual purpose rooms.

We also treated the large ground floor windows and doors – but this time with our DX 50 film. As glare was the main problem here this worked perfectly – the lighter film allowing maximum natural light to penetrate, and giving decent heat reduction into the living space beyond too.




Another satisfied customer.

Durable have been in the business for over 50 years.

We are the oldest window film company in Europe.

We are good with glass.

If you have issues with solar control – or your home/office needs some added privacy or security – window film may be the answer.


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