Hot desking…

Posted on - August 31, 2020

It seemed like a great idea – fluid use of your office space – no one gets to clutter up their desk with their own knick-knacks or paraphernalia – clean, tidy, modern…

We quite liked it. Worked well.

But then – Covid-19.

With social distancing, hygiene/sanitation, clean-ups between use, etc – hot desking is a complete pain now.

There is another hot desk issue that is harder to avoid and much more problematic for healthy working conditions…

Extreme heat and intense glare through your windows.

In the hot seat…

Really. It’s no joke.

Trying to get a decent day’s work done under the sweltering heat of the summer sun is nigh -on impossible.

And research shows that when the temperature in the workplace is too high the risk of accidents and injury increases too.

To make matters worse – productivity drops off very quickly.

Tempers can get heated – and a tired, uncomfortable workforce is not good news.

There’s more…

Glare makes a mockery of using computers, monitors and screens – further aggravating an already difficult situation.

Hot favourite

There is a simple, elegant and effective solution.

Window film – professionally installed by Durable.

Window film is cost-efficient, relatively easy to apply, causes minimal downtime or disruption during installation.

This high-tech wonder can reduce heat and glare by up to a staggering 90% – and almost completely eradicates harmful UV rays.

Don’t put up with a hot desk – or hot customers, clients, colleagues or crew.

No need for anyone to get too hot in the office – or the factory, or warehouse, or hospital or shop or restaurant or school.

Keep cool with solar control window film from Durable.

Hot prospects

Durable have been in the business for over 50 years.

We are the oldest window film company in Europe.

We are very good with glass.

We are trusted partners with the likes of English Heritage, MoD and the National Trust.

There is not much we don’t know about managing problems with glass.

Hot shots 

Hot Shots was the 1991 Top Gun movie spoof featuring Charlie Sheen and Lloyd Bridges.

It was a big hit with both box office and critics.

The sequel: Hot Shots Part Deux – made in 1993 had many of the same lead actors in the same roles – but this time the film was a parody of the Rambo series.

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